This last year of 2013 was amazing in so many ways, I don’t even know where to start…

Surely was the best year of my career, I traveled every weekend all around the globe, playing in awesome events, celebrating my passion for electronic music with so many great people.

It was also the start of a new era for my company Naked Lunch, with the huge success of our events in Portugal, and also of the label itself & the podcast that continues to deliver every week, fantastic techno for a growing number of fans. 2014 will bring a few new Naked Lunch side projects, stay tuned

Last, but certainly not least, I had the privilege to make great new friends, meet many others I didn’t see for ages, and enjoy some quality time with my family, which I deeply cherish.

Thank you all for the love & support, and I wish you a great 2014 !!!!


What a wild year I’ve been having so far ! So much work, I even find it hard to have some time to drop some lines here for my fans. But, of course, this is not me complaining, I love what I do, and I’m sure you all know that.

Been traveling a lot, mostly in Europe, with great parties all around, and I also been playing a lot more in my country again, which is also great, since the techno scene was quite dead for many years, and now, finally I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Techno is definitely back in Portugal, and I am also part of it again, with the Naked Lunch nights we’re throwing. For the first 2 events we’ve picked two amazing spots, Gare in Oporto in May with special guest The Advent, and Kremlin in Lisbon with Joey Beltram. Both parties were packed, great atmosphere, sound system and most of all, a happy crowd. The next events will take place in Leiria at Acqua on the 9th of August, with special guests Mike Humphries and Du’Art, and in Lisbon at Mamma Club on the 10th, again with mr. Humphries and also Angy Kore. Looking forward to these ones. In September we will be back to Kremlin in Lisbon, and we are also planning already some label nights outside Portugal too. Stay tuned !

In the studio, well, is the usual nonstop A.Paul style, this year I’ve done already over 30 remixes, 5 Ep’s and maybe a dozen podcast episodes, so I guess you’ll have plenty of music from me to check out. Since I am now a bit more focused on the events we’re making, I’ve decided to take a little break, and I’ve been turning down quite a few requests for remixes, but I should be back later in the year for some more studio action.

Wish you all a great summer, I will also try to enjoy myself… Next stop Nature One in Germany… It will be a blast !!!


This year could not have started better. January was a bit quieter as usual, but I can highlight the gig at Perron in Rotterdam, after a true epic saga to get there. After 2 canceled flights and 14 hours wait at the airport, I managed to fly to Brussels and then go to the party, arriving 10 minutes before the gig.

On the first weekend of February I had my first tour in Colombia, a long trip, filled with good memories. Played a special techouse set in Bogotá, and a full on techno set in Ibagué. Great crowd on both places.

The following weekend I went to Marseille, France to play at a fantastic event called Global Vision, with a massive line up, featuring Klaudia Gawlas, Rebekah, Gary Beck, Planetary Assault Systems, Marc Houle to name a few. Took my wife Sandra with me and was much fun hanging out with Klaudia and Gary. Naked Lunch’s team was very happy with the weekend.

The last one, I was in Amsterdam on Friday, where I had the pleasure of playing for a huge crowd at Chateau Techno, for sure one of the best events I played in the last months. On Saturday I went to Munich, for my second gig at Grinsekatze, where parties are always wild. You can find plenty of videos and photos of this last month on the usual places.

Next stop, New York, USA for a gig at the Sullivan Room, followed by an after-hours on a secret location. Can’t wait for this one! I Will also have a very busy March, with trips to Belgium, France and Italy and more to be confirmed

Always busy in the studio too, either taking care of the labels, recording podcasts, producing originals or remix works. Pretty soon you will find my new originals on labels like Kombination Research, Rhythm Converted, Masters of Disaster, and right now working on remixes for Sven Schaller, Miss Djax & Patrick DSP. There are a lot of my things coming out soon, so stay tuned !!


Welcome to my new website. Here you will find all my infos, new gigs, music, videos and a lot more.

I’ve been quite busy in the studio in the last months, and I have a bunch of EP’s and Remixes to be out soon.

Kombination Research will release my “Other Worlds EP” featuring a huge remix by The Advent & Industrialyzer. Also prepared a banging EP for Goncalo M’s Intuiton Recordings, and “Veron EP” that I did with Cisco Ferreira for the relaunch of my label Onh.Cet is out on stores already, featuring remixes by Hans Bouffmyhre, Luis Flores and myself, under the alias of Loudon Kleer.

Remixes due to be out in the next weeks (yes, I’ve been working hard !):

Hystericmaniak – Optimal (A.Paul Remix) – Rewashed LTD
Cave DJz – Machines (A.Paul Remix) – Gobsmaked
Klaudia Gawlas – Ufo Chord (A.Paul Remix) – Abstract
Michael Schwarz – Syntax (A.Paul & DJ Slot Remix) – Blindspot
Spiriakos – Bring Back The Funk (A.Paul & DJ Slot Remix) – Onh.Cet
Roman Faero – Kilometer (A.Paul Remix) – Monkey Recs
Erik Tronik – Orange Roofs (A.Paul Remix) – Mekanism Audiolab
Beat Therapy – Atlantis (A.Paul Remix) – Naked Lunch
Horn Porn – The Cheminist Alchimia (A.Paul Remix) – Naked Lunch
Roman Faero – Trivialistic (A.Paul Remix) – Naked Lunch
Michael Schwarz – Numb (A.Paul Remix) – Hauptbahnhof Musik
Virgil Enzinger – Atomic Rain (A.Paul & Jade Rebel Remix) – I.CNTRL
Christian Fischer – Bitch (A.Paul & DJ Slot Remix) – Platinium
Manuel Pisu – The Scream of the Innocent (A.Paul & DJ Slot Remix) – Elektrax
Shaun Mauren – It’s So Early (A.Paul Remix) – Geysir Records

A few other new releases can be found on the banner above, and also my labels Naked Lunch, Parallel 125, have some quality material coming out this month, so stay tuned.

If you’re into vinyl, I have a few recent ones out that you might want to check.

And now a few lines about my tours. This year was amazing, I’ve travelled a lot, it was full of great parties and festivals.

The last gigs of the year will be at the Toy Club (Stuttgart, DE) on the 21st, Inox Club (Toulouse, FR) on the 22nd, and the New Years Eve will be in Portugal, at Blue Act. In 2013 I will be touring the USA, and also Colombia, but I will let you know more about it in January.

Last but not least, I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Great 2013 Techno Year !!